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The Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) is the peak body for driverless vehicles in Australia and New Zealand. It is dedicated to ensuring the safe, successful community uptake of driverless vehicles becomes widespread, and a reality.

The ADVI Summit has been running since 2015 and is the established event to come together across Australia and New Zealand to give life to our driverless future.

In 2021, the ADVI Summit will focus on what is happening now, and the next steps to safely and successfully deploy driverless vehicles. Everything you hear will focus on the tangible deployment of these vehicles onto Australian and New Zealand roads. The Summit will attract speakers on the topics of clean energy vehicles, enabling digital technologies, and automation in relation to the mining and defence sectors.


The ADVI Summit will offer a strong focus on collaboration and ideation, with ample time for business-to-business meetings and discussions, as well as access to the latest emerging researchers in Australia.

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Delegates and sponsors will gain significant opportunities to promote their skills and expertise.
The two-day format, including a technical tour, vehicle demonstrations and networking, provides a mix of knowledge sharing, hands-on experience of technology together with important business-to-business and business-to-government opportunities.

As pioneers in on-road driverless vehicle research, Australia has a unique opportunity to become a global leader in the $3 trillion per year automated
vehicle industry.

The ADVI Summit is an important touchpoint to continue to develop capability within Australia and New Zealand, and keep and encourage local talent in the driverless vehicle space to best leverage our region’s position into the future.



A key component of the ADVI Summit will be a visit to the NSW Government’s new Future Mobility Testing Centre at Cudal in Central Western NSW. 

Hear about the test program and capability of the facility, and have your chance to input into the future certification process for vehicles and technology to be tested at the site.

Three demonstrations will be organised across the facility that will allow public participation with road user demos; car to car demos; and lane keeping demos. 

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  • Australia’s only dedicated driverless vehicle summit

  • Networking opportunities at business-to-business and business-to-government level

  • Exclusive access to cutting-edge research and trends

  • Meet the decision-makers and leading minds in driverless vehicles

  • Find out what Australia is doing in the driverless vehicles space right now

  • See first-hand Transport for NSW’s Cudal road safety facility

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  • Startups

  • Researchers

  • Local Government

  • Urban Planners

  • Insurers

  • Law Enforcement

  • Lawyers

  • Public Transport Operators

  • Road Managers

  • AI and technology companies

  • AI and technology start-ups

  • Transport Departments

  • Mining Companies

  • Digital technology specialists

  • Disability sector

  • Universities specialising in engineering for connected and automated technologies

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ADVI supports government and industry to facilitate, advocate, and showcase Australian and New Zealand activity in the driverless vehicle space. We help to better inform policy, legislative, regulatory and operational changes within Australia to allow driverless vehicles by 2030

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ADVI is supporting future mobility use cases identified as priorities for Australia and New Zealand:


- Heavy Vehicle Automation

- Co-design of vehicles for people with a disability

- Commercialisation of First Mile and Last Mile transit solutions, like Robo Taxis and shuttle buses

- Articulating the opportunities for next generation jobs in AI and the educational system that is needed to support this

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ADVI is the voice for Australia and New Zealand on driverless vehicles and their safe introduction. ADVI, with its partners, will create and disseminate key safety and accessibility benefits that flow from driverless vehicles throughout Australia and New Zealand. This will be achieved through targeted media campaigns across mainstream and social media, and promotion of key messages at relevant events and conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand and globally

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We are at the forefront of important research support activities for Australia and New Zealand’s mobility future. We’re bringing the community along with us, listening to and taking into account people’s needs and wants when it comes to driverless vehicles. We are also actively:

 - Understanding international best practice and how it applies to Australia and New Zealand.

- Providing research design and planning support and input on scientific rigour to support demonstrations, trials and pilot projects.

- Promoting the new economy that will flow from the technological developments in the new driverless vehicle environment.


- Identifying key technology developments.


- Developing a scientific quality assurance process.